Santa Cruz RN 2-2 ACD Potiguar

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Thursday, 22 march 2018 23:30

On 22 Mar 19:00 is scheduled match Santa Cruz RN-ACD Potiguar. If you want to check statistics both teams check this site: Before the game on the 3 place in the table is Santa Cruz RN, ACD Potiguar is ranked 6 place. Santa Cruz RN in the last game beat America RN (1:2).

ACD Potiguar in the previous match they lost to Globo FC (1:2).

Previous match both teams match ended: won Santa Cruz RN (1:2)

Last matches Santa Cruz RN:
Last matches ACD Potiguar:
Direct matches:
23 mar 2015, State Leagues
26 apr 2015, State Leagues
19 feb 2017, State Leagues
13 apr 2017, State Leagues
18 feb 2018, State Leagues
11 feb 2019, State Leagues
08 apr 2019, State Leagues
06 jan 2020, State Leagues
25 feb 2021, State Leagues
04 may 2021, State Leagues

Santa Cruz RN

ACD Potiguar

Substitute players:
# Team G PTS W D L G+ G- GD

*Table are updated live